Quantcast Courtroom Floor Plans

U.S. Courts Design Guide
Courtroom Floor Plans
Sample floor plans are furnished for illustrative purposes only and are not
meant to serve as standards for design. For each courtroom plan, design
decisions must accommodate local custom and specific requirements. These
requirements include the shape of the room, arrangement of furniture, size of the
courtroom well, number of seats provided, arrangement of exits, and other
features. The guidelines for floor area and ceiling height for each courtroom are
intended to be prescriptive.
The following types of floor plans are presented in this section:
USCA En-Banc Courtroom
USCA Panel Courtroom
USDC Special Proceedings Courtroom
USDC Standard Courtroom
Magistrate Judge Courtroom
USBC Courtroom
Sample plans for a variety of other courtroom layouts are available from the
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AOUSC).


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